On 2002-12-06 at 1454.37 +0100, Sven Neumann typed this:
> Hi,
> pleas excuse me if I missed something but IIRC I'm even subscribed to
> the gimp-web list and in the last months I haven't heard anything
> about the stuff you are talking about. There has been rumours about
> work being done on the new web site in IRC from time to time but I
> don't remember any official announcements in the last months nor did I
> see a mail from you asking people for help. I also had no idea that
> there is a CVS server for the new web site nor who has access to this
> repository. Carol, if you want people to help you, you should perhaps
> start asking them for help.
the list is still up and working at <cite>your</cite> request.  they
don't answer me.  i think most of the people on this list are looking
for a loving little community and gug would fill their gimp interests

if you would like me to ask them for help, again, how long should i 
give them to respond this time?  my experience with this list is that 
they don't respond.

from the first moment that list became a fact, i was able to see the
gimp mechanism at its best.  from the original news being sat upon 
until something more interesting could supercede it (and in all due 
respects, a polish tutorial simply is more important than any web 
site project) to the complete lack of any response to any mailing ....  
anyways, my design will hopefully help to keep other new unsuspecting 
gimp users from some of the same problems i had.

but that list still exists because someone else insisted on it staying

i have a problem.  i am not able to get the site far enough along to
move it off from my computer.  there is a good chance that this is
because i am a control freak, i dunno.  but on the otherhand, i am not
able to announce the site because it is on a poopy little server. 

i am very proud of what is there.  i still have hope for the news part,
but i have to get out irssi to get an email.  for all my bitching and
whining, i have had a good team so far.  i just don't know why i need to
be on the irc for them to commit.  a flaw in the construction design, i
guess.  this flaw will not translate into the actual operation of the
site.  i have done everything humanly possible to keep the information
easily maintainable, as long as the stuff i grab from this tree or
another is being kept up to date.  and hopefully the information on the
website will be objective, not subjective as it has been in the past.

so, the situation with 1/3 of a site designed and working but on a poopy
server has reduced me to farts and burps and the occasional belch when
asking for help.  i am sorry to have such communitive gas on the 
developer list.

i am also sorry that i have to stop having this gas to assure everyone
that i am not interested in messing with the gimp source.  why is that?
is there a list of everyone who has solemnly vowed not to touch the gimp
source that could be emailed to this list once a week so that everyone
can relax?

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