On 2002-12-06 at 1516.57 +0100, Rapha?l Quinet typed this:
> On 06 Dec 2002 14:54:37 +0100, Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > pleas excuse me if I missed something but IIRC I'm even subscribed to
> > the gimp-web list and in the last months I haven't heard anything
> > about the stuff you are talking about. There has been rumours about
> > work being done on the new web site in IRC from time to time but I
> > don't remember any official announcements in the last months nor did I
> > see a mail from you asking people for help. I also had no idea that
> > there is a CVS server for the new web site nor who has access to this
> > repository. Carol, if you want people to help you, you should perhaps
> > start asking them for help.
> I have exactly the same feeling.  The last useful information posted to
> the gimp-web list (besides some spam and viruses) was in February.  I
> thought that it was dead and that I would have to maintain the old site
> forever, until I saw some links to something that could look like a new
> site.  But there was no discussion about the structure of that site, how
> it would be managed, and so on.  This is very frustrating because I had
> made some suggestions on the gimp-web mailing list and it looks like the
> discussion died and some things were developed without taking any
> suggestions or offers for help into account.
i will write a history of the design, and a plan to finish the design
and send it to that list.  however, if only people that own gimp.org
addys or people who respond often on this list reply, lets agree to
close it.  i really think the people joined on that list are interested
in a community thing, like gug.

as Robin pointed out earlier this week, it can be very difficult to work
with the eh, gimp machine.  in some ways, i feel like i lied to a nice
dane, then threw him into the crazed duck pit and was still able to get
a great design from him.  probably there exists a better way to get
things going, but i was unable to find it.

also, i don't really want to be part of a site whose contents get 
determined by a vote.  i have one clear example of an intelligent yet
uninformed user to make a page for.  i am going to make that site for
her.  i would like to make a site where she can feel involved and not
feel over her head.  i don't know if the gimp web mail list can help me
with that.

here is some history that i don't want to share with the web list
though.  i had a techie.  one of the good old stable gimp people, one of
my favorites.  since trying to be involved with gimp things, i have felt
like ultimately, i need to keep two entities happy (two entities
consisting of three people, btw).  my first techie was axed by one of
the entities yet the other entity kept insisting that i wait for him to
return.  it took approximately 9 to 10 months to work through this.  so
other offers of help were ignored or what have you.

i am sorry that so many offers where shunted away.

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