On Fri, 29 Nov 2002, Sam Richards wrote:

> I would like to stress that some of the film-industry interest in
> filmgimp is as much for the floating point as the 16 bit. The need for
> floating point is for "High Dynamic Range" imagery which is used as a
> lighting tool, and not for final delivery. So while I can believe that
> many films can sucessfully be rendered in 8-bit, its quite possible that
> at least some of those films will be using HDR imagery, so there will be
> a need for a paint system that can help touch up these images.

Notice that the latest series of graphics cards from nVidia and ATI
(and others) support floating point all the way through to the frame
buffer.  This will mean that the 3D rendering community (games, simulation,
etc) will be very interested in floating point image processing and
storage in the very near future.

I would urge everyone to consider floating point pixels rather than
just going to 16 bit.  This is a big change and you only want to make
it once.

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