Nathan Carl Summers ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> We have decided to do this in two parts.  First, we will issue a Call for
> Questions.  Please send in all questions you would like to have in the new
> Gimp User FAQ to [EMAIL PROTECTED], and CC them to the lists for discussion.

Hmm. Looking at the impressive list of questions I get the impression
that this is a synthetic FAQ - someone has thought a lot about what
questions might get asked frequently.

While this is a valid approach I think it tends to be duplicate work
when compared to the regular documentation. We should consider to
just add the questions that really get asked.

I sifted through the questions and have marked them where I think they
belong to.

Of course a synthetic FAQ is fine also, but we should be aware that
we doing a synthetic FAQ then and might have more work with it.

> 1.  What is the GIMP?
> 2.  What does GIMP stand for?
> 3.  What features does it have?

-> Web

> 3a. Does it support CMYK?  16-bit per channel images?  Floating-point
>     channels?

-> FAQ

> 4.  What are the minimum system requirements?
> 4a. What operating systems is it available for?
> 5.  Where can I get it?
> 5a. There are some binary versions on the GIMP website. Should I download
>     them or build GIMP myself?
> 5b. Where can I get non-official gimp packages for foo?

-> Web

> 6.  What version should I get?
> 7.  What documentation is available?

-> FAQ

> 8.  Where can I find other GIMP stuff?
> 9.  Is GIMP a true GNU program?
> 10. What is the history of GIMP?
> 11. What is the relationship between GNOME and GIMP?

-> Web

> 12. Easter eggs are fun. Does GIMP have any?

-> FAQ (please don't list them...)

> 13. Does GIMP support digital cameras?
> 14. Does GIMP support scanners?
> 15. Does GIMP support Wacom tablets?
> 15a.How about other drawing tablets?

(not sure if it is useful to single out Wacom here)

> 16. Is there a GIMP mailing list?
> 17. How about an IRC channel?

-> Web (maybe FAQ, but I am not sure if that really gets asked)

> 18. Ok, I'm trying to compile gimp, and this `./configure' program
>     complains about missing or old libraries.  What gives?
> 18a.But I know I have the right version of libfoo!  Why can't configure
>     find it?

-> Web

> 19. How do layers work?
> 20. Channels?
> 21. Paths?
> 22. Selections?

-> Docs

> 23. How can I draw basic shapes (straight line, circle, square, etc.)?

-> FAQ

> 24. How can I change the color I draw in?
> 25. How can I make what I have selected into a separate image?
> 26. How can I add what I have selected into a new image?
> 27. How can I make part of my image transparent?
> 28. How can I change keybindings?
> 29. How can I do gamma correction?

Uh, no real idea, maybe FAQ. Does 24 really get asked?
I'd add "27a. How can I make a certain color transparent"

> 30. What are plug-ins?
> 31. Where can I find new plug-ins?
> 32a.How can I add them to my GIMP?
> 33. EEEK! I downloaded the latest version of gimp, and my favorite plug-in
>     has dissappeared!
> 34. Are Photoshop Filters/Plugins supported?
> 35. What is Script-Fu?
> 36. Where can I learn more about it?

-> Web

> 37. How can I call a plug-in in Script-Fu?  How about another script?
> 38. What in the world is a "Procedural Database Error?"
> 39. Is there a macro recorder that automagically creates Script-Fu scripts
>     for me?
> 40. Can I add my own brushes?
> 41. Can I add my own patterns?

-> FAQ

> 42. Can I give a copy of this gradient or palette I've created to a
>     friend?
> 43. My fonts are ugly.
> 44. What font formats does GIMP support?
> 45. Where can I get more fonts?
> 46. The font that the GIMP uses for its menu text is nappy.  How can I
>     change it?

-> FAQ  (what is "nappy"?)

> 47. What is this "XCF" file format?  Why should I use it?

Isn't the real question "How can I keep all information in my image" or
sthg. like that?

> 48. What other formats does GIMP support?

-> Web

> 49. I can't save my file as a GIF or TIFF.
> 50. I can't save my file as some other file format.
> 51. How can I add support for the foo file format to GIMP?

-> FAQ

> 52. What languages does GIMP support?

-> Web

> 53. Does GIMP support XInput?

This probably should be close to the question for tablet support.

> 54. Why doesn't text in my native language render correctly with the Text
>     tool?
> 55. Does GIMP support bidirectional output?
> 56. How do I use batch mode?
> 57. Do I have to use an X server to run GIMP even in batch mode?
> 58. How can I call a Script-Fu script using batch mode?
> 59. How can I connect my web server to GIMP like
> 60. GIMP is slow.  How can I speed it up?

-> FAQ

> 61. How can I see which bugs have been reported?
> 62. How can I report a bug I've found which hasn't been reported yet?

-> Web

> 63. I get an error about "MIT-SHM" or "XShmAttach." (does this still
>     happen?)
> 64. I'm using <pick os and distribution>.  What problems specific to it do
>     you know about?
> 65. I'm using <pick X Server>.  What problems specific to it do you
>     know about?

maybe FAQ

> 66. Who wrote GIMP?
> 67. Who has contributed to the FAQ?
> 68. Who wrote the included plug-ins?
> 69. Who wrote the Script-Fu scripts?
> 70. Who made the brushes and patterns included with the GIMP?
> 71. Who made the gradients and palettes incluced with the GIMP?
> 72. Who created the artwork?

-> Web

> 73. Who is the GIMP FAQ team?
> 74. Who has contributed to the FAQ?

-> FAQ

Ok. I am not subscribed to gimp-user so I might have missed questions
that really get asked frequently - IMHO these should be added to the FAQ
- maybe just give a link in the Gimp Docs.



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