On Thu, 19 Dec 2002, Michael J. Hammel wrote:

> Thus spoke "David Necas (Yeti)"
> > IMHO novice mode (if ever implemented) should restrict the
> > things user can do to some sane set (simplifying the
> > interface), and not try to turn the Gimp into Eliza
> Most of the time that I've heard of problems like this it has been when the
> wrong layer has been selected or a layer with transparency is in use and
> the user doesn't understand why you can't draw in a transparent area.
> Novice mode might be as simple as forcing users to use a single layer that
> doesn't have transparency enabled by default, allowing them to learn the
> rest of the programs features without complicating their experience with layers.

In my experience, it's most frequently been when some kind of select/cut/paste
operation has created an un-anchored extra layer.  In that case, the
novice (who realises that layers are a complication - and is ignoring them
for now) has the implications of layers forced upon them.

> Just a thought.  I'm not convinced that a "novice mode" is worth it though,
> for all the same reasons mentioned already (like every novice will think
> something in "novice mode" is still to difficult to understand).

I dislike the idea of novice mode too.

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