Thus spoke "David Necas (Yeti)"
> IMHO novice mode (if ever implemented) should restrict the
> things user can do to some sane set (simplifying the
> interface), and not try to turn the Gimp into Eliza

Most of the time that I've heard of problems like this it has been when the
wrong layer has been selected or a layer with transparency is in use and
the user doesn't understand why you can't draw in a transparent area.
Novice mode might be as simple as forcing users to use a single layer that
doesn't have transparency enabled by default, allowing them to learn the
rest of the programs features without complicating their experience with layers.

Just a thought.  I'm not convinced that a "novice mode" is worth it though,
for all the same reasons mentioned already (like every novice will think
something in "novice mode" is still to difficult to understand).  

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