[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2002-12-19 at 1208.55 +0100):
> the user shouldn't be confronted with the term RGBA at all. IIRC, this
> is the case unless she's writing a script or plug-in in which case she
> is not a user any longer but a developer.

Then no confrontation with CMYK either, or with bit depth or DPI or
moire or lots of other terms. Sorry, but all these are terms of the
trade, dunno why should that be not under user control and view, at
least if the app is not a basic paint app but something more advanced
(like GIMP was, is and I thought will be, at least in one of the modes
/ interfaces / whatever). And BTW, Alpha channel is one way to get (1
- Transparency) or Opacity, Layer Masks are another.

If this is not the situation, tell me what is.

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