On Wed, Feb 26, 2003 at 10:24:13PM +0100, Valter Mazzola <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> i'm using mandrake 9.0 and gimp 1.2.3 , removed mail() in exit, 
> but the saved logo is totally different than the gimp do interactively.

Try to call flatten on the resulting image before saving
($image->flatten). If that doesn't help, then add a sleep 3 or so after
the call to script-fu and keep your fingers crossed.

If that doesn't help either you might look at scm2perl and convert
the scheme plug-in to perl (followed by a lot of small adjustments,
as script-fu scripts are often rather unclean, due to the lakc of
type-safeness of the language).

> ok but io want to create logos using existing script-fu logo script?
>  it's possible ????

With a lot of hacks, it's usually possible. But it often depends on the
particular script. It also sometimes helps to open a new image+drawable
before calling script-fu, as some scripts seem to have problems with image
or drawable ids of zero. Equally often it helps to not have any windows
open, as some scripts only work _if_ they open the very first image and/or

Most of these _should_ problems be fixed in 1.2.3, but some probably were
overlooked, and debugging these scripts is no fun.

> I want to do serious scripting work with gimp, similar to   cool text.com,
> can you help me to decide in what direction i should go ?

Maybe ask whoever does cooltext.com, they certainly had either similar
problems or do it difefrently (e.g. with the script-fu server, however,
don'T use it unless you have properly firewalled it).

> I have not obtained deterministic results till now. 

That's, indeed, what most people find out quickly when they get in contact
with script-fu.

> Script-fu, perl-fu , interactions between them, outdated documentations ???

I am sorry, you must be fairly confused by now ;) Actually, it's because
script-fu doesn't really behave like any other gimp plug-in. The fact that
nobody regularly calls script-fu in normal work (there are few, if any,
generic script-fu scripts, so there is rarely need to call them from other
plug-ins) obviously made script-fu very low priority over the years.

The only people who do call script-fu from a plug-in are mostly people who
write logo-generators (like you do), and they often use perl.

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