> It's OT, but you started about reality:

I didn't start anything. A very important rule to follow on the 'net or
anywhere else: do _NOT_ forward private mails to public forums.


> bugzilla.gnome.org, then I can't understand why you bother
> to read any mail not signed by some trusted GnuPG key
> (namely gimp-dev)
Did I say anything about that issue? Maybe I really do bother... I
regularly have problems explaining to people why a gpg key that is not
signed or verified by anybody (self-signature not counted) is still very
useful and still has all the same identification qualities as a "trusted"
(or better: verified by showing your ID card) gpg key.

(A trusted key, btw, is something that actually _weakens_ your
security. If you are paranoic you should never trust _any_ key. And as
a general rule of thumb: if you trust anybody or anything, you are not
really paranoic ;)

> not speaking about responding to them. We are probably all evil hackers
> monitoring your mailing behaviour.

Well, that's probably not true, but wether I am paranoic or not, I _do_
respect it when people send me private (off-topic) mails and don't forward

F'up in private again, please ;)

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