On Fri, 28 Feb 2003 09:52:18 +0100, Valter Mazzola <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Your script is 
> Perfect RaphaŽl !  


> I've other questions:
> 1) When i run the script, i've a gimp window with the image created.
>    I want to close it before leaving the script,
>    I've done a (gimp-delete-image img) BUIT WITH NO effects.

Search in the DB browser for "gimp-display-delete".  This is probably what
you want.  Leep in mind that an image can have multiple views/displays.

> 2) Can i activate gimp with no visual interface at all AND the 
>    script-fu server from the command line and but in in background under linux ?

Hmmm...  If "gimp -i" or "gimp --no-interface" does not do what you want,
you can run it with a virtual display such as Xvfb.  This is explained
in this tutorial: http://gug.sunsite.dk/tutorials/tomcat17/

Also, search for "server" in the DB browser.  You will find the
documentation of "extension-script-fu-server".

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