Dear RaphaŽl

can you make an example script that calls a script-fu- logo scripts and save it?

for example this one doesn't save correctly the image: 

         (image  (car (   (script-fu-alien-glow-logo "hello hello"  150 
"-*-utopia-bold-r-*-*-150-*-*-*-*-*-*-*"  '(255 0 0))    ))   )
        ; (image     (car (gimp-file-load 0 "/root/clock.gif" "/root/clock.gif")))
         (drawable  nil)
      (set! drawable      (car (gimp-image-flatten image)))
      (gimp-file-save 1 image drawable "/root/a.png" "/root/a.png")
      (gimp-image-delete image)
      ) ;let


On Thu, 27 Feb 2003 14:04:51 +0100
RaphaŽl Quinet <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> On Wed, 26 Feb 2003 22:24:13 +0100, Valter Mazzola <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > ok but io want to create logos using existing script-fu logo script?
> >  it's possible ????
> Yes.  One solution that does work with the current and future versions
> of the GIMP is to write your whole script in Script-Fu.  Do not try to
> call Script-Fu from Perl (or from any other plug-in, for that matter)
> because you will not get the expected results.  Instead, write everything
> in Script-Fu and you will get your logo as expected.
> Note that I am not engaging in any kind of Perl-bashing here: Perl is my
> language of choice whenever I have to write some scripts or even some
> rather complex programs.  But as it stands currently, Gimp-Perl has some
> problems (some of them inherited from Gtk-Perl bugs on some platforms,
> some others due to the build/install process and some others due to the
> fact that it is not maintained anymore) and will probably not be included
> in the next release of the GIMP.  So although Perl is a fine language,
> the safest solution for the moment is to use Script-Fu, which is less
> powerful but works well with the current and future versions of the GIMP.
> The bug report describing the incorrect behavior of Script-Fu when called
> from other plug-ins can be found here:
> So the short but confusing conclusion is:
> - Script-Fu is broken (bug #50649)
> - Gimp-Perl is broken and is not maintained
> - The problem you see is mainly due to the script-fu bug mentioned above
>   and not to a problem in Perl, but the best solution is to use Script-Fu
>   only.
> -RaphaŽl
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