On Wed, 26 Feb 2003 22:24:13 +0100, Valter Mazzola <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> ok but io want to create logos using existing script-fu logo script?
>  it's possible ????

Yes.  One solution that does work with the current and future versions
of the GIMP is to write your whole script in Script-Fu.  Do not try to
call Script-Fu from Perl (or from any other plug-in, for that matter)
because you will not get the expected results.  Instead, write everything
in Script-Fu and you will get your logo as expected.

Note that I am not engaging in any kind of Perl-bashing here: Perl is my
language of choice whenever I have to write some scripts or even some
rather complex programs.  But as it stands currently, Gimp-Perl has some
problems (some of them inherited from Gtk-Perl bugs on some platforms,
some others due to the build/install process and some others due to the
fact that it is not maintained anymore) and will probably not be included
in the next release of the GIMP.  So although Perl is a fine language,
the safest solution for the moment is to use Script-Fu, which is less
powerful but works well with the current and future versions of the GIMP.

The bug report describing the incorrect behavior of Script-Fu when called
from other plug-ins can be found here:

So the short but confusing conclusion is:
- Script-Fu is broken (bug #50649)
- Gimp-Perl is broken and is not maintained
- The problem you see is mainly due to the script-fu bug mentioned above
  and not to a problem in Perl, but the best solution is to use Script-Fu

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