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> So you have to ask yourself: who am I selling to? Graphics artists? 

(off-topic philosophical rant, not meant as an answer to you!)

Personally, I didn't write gimp-perl (the only major contribution of mine
to gimp) to sell it to anybody.

I wrote it to fulfill a need. My need. This need can either be practical
(as was in this case), or philosophical (I wrote a zipcracker once simply
because I couldn't find a fere one), or being asked by people ("I can do
it, and so many people want it"). Another way to describe that as "the
need for personal pleasure" or "masturbation" or whatever you want to call

Some people might want to "sell". I don't. And everybody who tells me
"marc, you have to sell it to the people" will get my sincerest flame,
since I write it, you either take it, or leave it. You can comment, or
help, or criticise. But if somebody tells me that "you have to xxx" I cna
get rather angry, as all this "you want to sell" just presumes what I want
or even tries to order me around.

I know not everybody thinks that way. Alan Cox probably thinks similarly,
Linus doesn't. There are all sorts of people.

And not all of them feel that "selling" something they wrote is a must, or
a need, or even useful.

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