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> Well, from a user perspective, the improvement from using gtk2 over gtk1
> is very nearly nil.... Even for me, the switch from gtk2 to gtk1 in itself
> is not at all an important new feature or improvement.

I wonder why you keep talking about the port to GTK2. I surely did not
mention this as a new feature. Porting to GTK2 took a couple of days
merely, it would surely not warrant a major version number increase.

The fact that GIMP-1.3 looks and feels a lot like 1.2 is of course
intentional. I don't think users would like to see dramatic changes in
the look and feel. Users expect improvements but they want to be able
to perform the same task the way they did with the old version. That's
what they get from 1.3. Only after a while will the user learn all the
nifty new things she could not have done with 1.2.  I don't think
that's unusual for such a large application.

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