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> Ok, here's _my_ deal: *If* you say that not calling it 2.0 would
> cause problems in fundraising, then you simply win... While my
> concerns were, for me, important enough to mention them (and argue
> about them), and while the "gtk+ has 2" etc.. style of arguments
> were not convincing, this one is.

We already have problems in fundraising, I can not tell you if the 2.0
would solve them but I had that plan that involved announcing the 2.0
release number plan. If we decide that we stick to 1.4, I'll have to
make up a new one.

> I still disagree on that, people are eagerly waiting for 2.0 for the
> very features it should have. Unfortunately.

Are they? I don't really know what people are expecting from GEGL
integration but it will certainly not be another GIMP once this has
happened. When GEGL is used, users will probably not notice that the
crappy code that provides the basis for pixel manipulations in the
current GIMP has been replaced. We should go for GEGL soon after the
next release but it will not be a substantial change from a GIMP users
point of view. Only if we then add CMYK as a new colorspace and add
proper color management functionality, really new features will be
available. These enhancements are not provided by GEGL, GEGL only
provides a framework that allows to do such changes in a nice and
clean way.

>From all the people that addressed me and asked for CMYK support, only
one so far was able to explain to me what benefits one can get from
working in CMYK. All others would have made things worse since they
would have attempted to do color separation w/o any knowledge of the
inks and paper used to print the result. To get to a point here, CMYK
support is IMO a bit overrated. We surely want to add it but we need
to do it proper.

You also mentioned integration with FilmGIMP or CinePaint. Well, it
seems there is little interest from the CinePaint people, but if you
look at the current state of GAP for GIMP-1.3, it seems that we can
already provide quite a few of the features that film people keep
asking for.

That said, I don't think I can ensure you that we need 2.0 for the
conference but I am still convinced that the amount of added features
is worth it. This release will definitely mark a new era of
GIMP. When, if not now, do you want to increase the major version

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