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> Well, you made me think that by writing:
>    "Because [the dynamic shortcut feature] interferes badly with
>    mnemonics, especially if these are used in the menus and we only just
>    started to add them all over the place. This is also the reason why
>    they are disabled by default in all GTK2 apps."
>> Of course you can construct a usage case where there are clashes
>> but in general they don't clash. Sorry, I don't see your problem.
> I have no problem, it's just that you said they are currently disabled
> because they "interfere badly". Sorry, I translated that as "clash", but
> still I don't understands why you first say it interferes badly and then
> say there is no problem...

I think I explained that the only problem is that you will most likely
rebind your keybindings accidentally if you use mnemonics while
Dynamic Keyboard Shortcuts are enabled.

> As a user in this case, I am just confused. If you last say is that
> it works just fine then I have no problem at all, and this thread is
> immediately dead because I misundertsood you.... I am just confused at
> what you wrote about that feature two weeks ago.

You misunderstood me and it would certainly have helped if you had
simply started 1.3, enabled Dynamic Keyboard Shortcuts and tried to
use mnemonics to navigate the menus. I have the impression you didn't
do that or you would have discovered what I was talking about.

It's not that we did this change without a lot of thought and
discussion. We even had the dynamic keybindings enabled for quite some
time although GTK2 disables it by default. It just turned out that it
is too dangerous to have it enabled all the time.

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