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> Then this looks like a serious issue, since this feature is probably not
> used often by advanced users, but often by beginners, while the dynamic
> shortcuts are used as quick-assign-keys by advanced users.

The feature will be quite often used by very advanced users who run out
available shortcuts and will start using mnemomics for common functions
(there can be a lot more mnemonics than shortcuts - they are
multi-dimensional; gaussian blur could be accessed with a sequence
alt+f,b,g for example). 

> While I am all for making gimp more usable, I think making it more useful
> to advanced users would be better than to make life harder for them
> (correct me if i am wrong, but do you know anybody who is seriously using
> gimp without extensively using dynamic shortcuts? I don't).

The feature is not going away. You can toggle it on. I consider myself
an advanced GIMP user and I rarely want to keep reassigning shortcuts in
every GIMP session. The feature rocks, but I usually assign the
shortcuts and save the session. Done. 

> What you describe clearly is also a bug, since either the mnemonics
> shouldn't be there if they clash with my own keybindings (just as
> reassigning a keybinding will remove the old assigment), or the
> reassignment shouldn't happen when it clashes (less preferable).

The solution to the bug was the preference toggle. These two things just
don't work together. I find them both very useful.

> Lastly, telling me I don't understand something because it works fine and
> then telling me that the feature doesn't work fine sounds like there
> might still be a problem lurking in this area... :)

The only other 'solution' to this problem I can think of is not using a
single letter shortcuts, so that they would only work for mnemonics. I
find this worse than the preference toggle, because the basic tools
really need to be accessible with a fast shortcut.

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