Alan Horkan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>> The information about the files that are installed in the user
> The dialog tells you what the names of the files that are going to be
> installed but not their purpose or roughly how much space they will take.

You need to play with the dialog a little more. It does tell you about
the purpose of the files. It does only tell the interested user, but
it does so.

> The user does not need to know about the General Public License (it does
> not apply unless you want to distribute modified versions).  I know why
> developers want it there (evangelism) but it is annoying when Proprietary
> crap spews non essential license information at you (which most users
> ignore anyway) something most developers prefer not to copy.

The point is that the GPL explicitely asks to present the user with
this copyright notice on very startup. I think it is good style to do
so at the very first startup at least. Find it annoying, I find it
amusing and it definitely doesn't hurt.

> It will be a day or two before I can build from CVS and look at the
> changes that you said have been recently made.  I dont see any mention in
> the Changelog yet
> http://cvs.gnome.org/lxr/source/gimp/ChangeLog

The changes are not in CVS yet.

> The GIMP already does hide complexity in many ways, the GIMP has a
> menu item to Rotate 90 degrees, would you argue that Rotate is
> enough and that users are perfectly able to specify 90 degrees if
> they want it?

This is a bad example since there are other reasons for this being a
separate menu entry.

> Take the example of Red Eye correction, you can do Red Eye correction in
> the GIMP but many programs have a dialog specifically for doing this task
> which makes things easier but does not make the program any less powerful.

We would certainly be happy to include such a dialog. I don't see your
point here. We are constantly improving GIMP all over the place. I
just don't see why we should put valuable developers time in removing
features that have been added for a good reason in the first place.
The user install dialog was added because it was needed. It serves its
role, it works, there are hundreds of places where developers effort
is better spent than in removing it.

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