Am Sam, 2003-07-19 um 00.18 schrieb Sven Neumann:

> I am not sure what you are trying to say here but actually I was
> hoping to hear some helpful and constructive comments on gimp-help2
> from you. Did you read my mail at all?

I've read every single mail to the mailinglist however I hoped to
receive some private mail from you discussing the situation -- which
never happened. I normally do not give a dime about unrelated und
unfounded blah on mailinglists amoung other problems which prevented me
to write to this mailinglist. The interpretation of all this I'll leave
to the brave reader.

Here's the explanation about the gimp-help2 project:
Mel and I started gimp-help2 from scratch in order to create a
completely new structured documentation in XML without any cruft from
the old module. We agreed that I am the technical maintainer while he's
textual maintainer, proofing and integrating any content we received
from contributors. However though we tried to recruit text writers in
IRC and live we failed get beyond our 2 people work. After some time Mel
was struggling with severe time problems so the project grinded to a
halt which is were we still are because I simply cannot write good

In order to bring gimp-help2 up to speed (which is what I assume you
want) we need:
- Heaps of content
- A way to integrate content with the GIMP

The second point is solvable but the first one means that gimp-help2
will have to pass out on your "2.0" release except you can make a wonder


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