Am Sam, 2003-07-19 um 14.09 schrieb Branko Collin:

> Isn't Rebecca Walter part of the team anymore?

Her new job took over all her spare time so she couldn't actively
participate. She promised to chime in when there's some content
to proof it but since there's not much to proof....

> I could spare a couple of hours, but not much more. Perhaps if there 
> is some simple task I could perform, say copying and pasting stuff 
> from the 1.2 documentation?

This was exactly what we were trying to avoid since we're not too happy
with the content and the structure of the GUMP.

I think there's two sensible ways to continue from this point:
1) Transform the old help into something that will serve more or less
   as help for the new GIMP. This will cost quite some amount of time
   since the help browser is not uptodate and most of the content
   doesn't exactly fit the 1.3 UI anymore.
   This would leave gimp-help2 as a playground for a really new manual
   and online help which might get more love once "2.0" is out.
2) Pump a lot of loving into the new framework to be at least a little
   help to people needing online help. I'm not exactly happy with this
   because I'd rather have no online help than one which closely
   resembles the usefulness of the help of most Windows programs like:
   "Close - Clicking this button will close your open file".

If you want to help us getting a nice documentation we'd really
appreciate if you had a look at the gimp-help2 framework and submit
some content in XML/DocBook directly to the CVS or in any other
format to us and we'll plug it in.

Mel, I'd love to hear your standpoint and ideas.

PS: I've some nice ideas how to get more exposure and thus help from the
community for this project but unfortunately I've to keep a business
running which consumes quite a bit of time at the moment. If anyone
wants to talk about or realise those or even better ideas this is the
right time and place to chime in.


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