Am Sam, 2003-07-19 um 19.10 schrieb Carol Spears:

> It is difficult to share a "freshman" attempt with developers.
> If anyone is interested in seeing what I am doing, helping, 
> commenting or running it through validation devices, feel free
> to suggest the best way to share these files.

For the first you managed to confuse me. I'd be happy to help you if I
can get a grasp of your problem which probably requires you to
- What you're trying to do?
- Your idea of a possible solution
- Your steps to achieve the desired goal
- The problems you're facing

(English in whole sentences would be my preferred language; don't care
about correct use of hyphens. :))

> I also will not write any English documentation until I can 
> afford to buy that book that explains the English rules about
> hyphens.

Forget about XML and hyphens; send your text over in plain ascii and
we'll get the rest fixed. :)

BTW: [EMAIL PROTECTED] is not reachable, anyone having a valid address of
him or can ask for one on IRC?


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