On 07/19/03 20:56, Carol Spears wrote:

> Having the ./gimp-1.3/plug-ins is problematic to me.  The rest
> of gimp names use hyphens as wisely as you can expect, but not
> this one area.

Aha ... well, doing a quick search with 'dict,' it knows about "plug-in"
and refers "plugin" to "plug-in" automagically,  However, being a lazy
or ignorant American (pick one only, please) I say "plugin".

> Mr Curtis, you seem to be quick with the English rules, perhaps
> you would like to help edit gimp documentation as it comes in.

Sadly I have led you astray; however, I would be more than happy and
reasonably willing to proof incoming documentation.  I sent a couple
[minor] patches/suggestions to the GUM authors before it went final.


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