Christopher W. Curtis wrote:

On 07/19/03 13:10, Carol Spears wrote:

I also will not write any English documentation until I can afford to
buy that book that explains the English rules about

Also, I'm not heard of this, but it sounds like it may pertain more to British English (I'm under the impression that Elements of Style is an American made thing):

It's called "The King's English" by H. W. Forler.  It also has a section
on hyphens:


Thanks for this information. Unfortunately, I think that writing documentation in any form of English is better left
to the handful of people who are very good at it.

My problems with the hyphen being used like it is is simply that I feel I want to be very careful with it when dealing with xml namespaces, and also be certain it is used properly
in any case where the locale is "en" or some form of this. It
is really not my area of expertise, and I seriously doubt I
will ever gain any expertise in English.

Having the ./gimp-1.3/plug-ins is problematic to me.  The rest
of gimp names use hyphens as wisely as you can expect, but not
this one area.

I should warn everyone also, I dreamed that i renamed the plugins and this caused everything in my life to get much easier to deal with ....

I was hoping for more dtd help than English help. I hate the rules for the spoken and written languages. This xml is
refreshing as it is fairly clear cut about a lot of the crap.

Mr Curtis, you seem to be quick with the English rules, perhaps
you would like to help edit gimp documentation as it comes in.

Our last English expert was hired and is busy with a time consumeing translation job.


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