On 19 Jul 2003, at 12:04, Daniel Egger wrote:

> Here's the explanation about the gimp-help2 project:
> Mel and I started gimp-help2 from scratch in order to create a
> completely new structured documentation in XML without any cruft from
> the old module. We agreed that I am the technical maintainer while
> he's textual maintainer, proofing and integrating any content we
> received from contributors. However though we tried to recruit text
> writers in IRC and live we failed get beyond our 2 people work. After
> some time Mel was struggling with severe time problems so the project
> grinded to a halt which is were we still are because I simply cannot
> write good content.

Isn't Rebecca Walter part of the team anymore?

> In order to bring gimp-help2 up to speed (which is what I assume you
> want) we need: - Heaps of content - A way to integrate content with
> the GIMP
> The second point is solvable but the first one means that gimp-help2
> will have to pass out on your "2.0" release except you can make a
> wonder happen.

I could spare a couple of hours, but not much more. Perhaps if there 
is some simple task I could perform, say copying and pasting stuff 
from the 1.2 documentation?

branko collin
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