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> On Saturday 19 July 2003 7:48 am, 
>> It has lots and lots of features that we did never promise and despite
>> of 16bit support I don't see what we would be missing (provided we get
>> the basic CMYK supoprt finished that we started to work on). I really
> Since I'm new to the 1.3 branch, could someone outline the current
> status of CMYK support?

The CVS version does include some naive RGB <-> CMYK conversion
routines and it has a CMYK color selector. What is still missing is
support for loading and saving CMYK files. I would like to add this
capability to a couple of file plug-ins such as TIFF. This doesn't
mean that GIMP could work in CMYK but at least it would allow you to
select colors by their CMYK values and to convert to CMYK when saving.
A couple of users have told me that this functionality would
dramatically improve the usefulness of GIMP for them and since it's
such a simple change, we decided to give it a try.

> (I searched the mailing list archives for CMYK, but the berkeley
> page search doesn't seem to be working, and the other archive didn't
> reveal much discussion...)

There have been a couple of mails about this subject on the gimp-user
mailing list which is btw. a much less hostile place to discuss such

> This is an area of particular interest to me - I need to use CMYK
> TIFFs at work - and for that I put together a rudimentary plugin
> (for 1.2) that separates RGB images into individual channels, and
> saves CMYK TIFFs...

Could you send me (or the list) a copy of this plug-in? I am
particularily interested in the CMYK loading and saving routines.

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