David Neary writes:
> Sven Neumann wrote:
> > David Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > > 2) Not enough developers use Bugzilla to find out what bugs need
> > > fixing
> > > 3) Not enough developers hear user complaints

I'd like to chime in here and say that gimp seems much more responsive
than most projects to bugzilla.  Some bugs may get closed or duped,
and I may not always agree, but I don't think I've ever felt like bugs
were being ignored the way they are in a lot of projects.  And that's
even without the other channels like IRC and the mailing lists.

Of course, David didn't actually complain about responsiveness, but
about the number of developers; and indeed, it's only a few developers
making comments.  Is the problem that bugs don't get triaged to
appropriate owners, so that people outside the small overworked
core team might see and fix them?

> Now, let's look at the "Owner" field - 1 bug is owned by
> grosgood, one by jimmac, 2 by mitch, 2 by Raphael, 2 by rockwlrs,
> and 1 each for sven and yosh. That's 10. Leaving 381 bugs owned
> by that well-known gimp developer [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I found that confusing, too -- it's not what I'm used to in other
projects, where bugs generally have an owner and components have a
default owner, who may also triage new bugs for that component.
I guess the gimp team is small enough or works closely enough that
they feel they don't need that; or everyone wants to see all the bugs.

> The lifecycle of a bug *should* be that a bug gets reported
> against a module, which is owned by the module owner, who [ ... ]

I'm not sure anyone's quite sure of the perfect bug lifecycle.
I've seen at least five different theories tried, and none seem to
work perfectly.  It probably just depends on what works best for a
particular team.

> I'm glad you agree there's a problem with the number of people
> active in gimp development. As I've said a couple of times, the
> module owners don't need to know how to fix the bugs. This seems
> to me like a great way to get people involved in the gimp. I know
> that fixing bugs was how I got involved... I just started
> browsing bugzilla, picked one that looked fairly easy, and
> attacked. So maybe there are 5 people who aren't too confident
> diving into the core, and would like to feel their way around
> with bug reports?

Bugzilla keywords, like helpwanted or blocker, can be helpful here too.
(Does gimp already use these?  I confess I haven't looked, and should.)
For bugs which might be relatively easy fodder, a keyword in bugzilla
and a periodic posting on gimp-developer mentioning the keyword or
requesting help on particular bugs (as I've seen here a few times in
the past) can be a great motivator.

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