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> Sorry for the f'up to my own mail, but to avoid getting pushed into the
> troll corner I'd like to add this:
> The reason I am so insisting is that you continously misrepresent what
> people say, and the current climax is that you totally ignore that the
> overwhelming majority of people here said they dislike 2.0.

I really don't think the majority was overwhelming. These numbers are
difficult to evaluate since there are other sources than just this
mailing-list and of course any vote should be multiplied with the
amount of contributions a particular voter has made to this project.

> If you stood up and publicly said something like: "yes, the majority
> here is against it, but I, the Sven who does by far most of the
> coding work" (might include Mitch, too, since you are his voice
> here) "just overrule everybody else and force out 2.0 against the
> will of the majority, because I can and will do it", then that would
> be fine with me. Really. But you don't do this, and this is
> frightening to me.

No, I am not going to say this since I don't agree with the lines
written above and they do not express my view of the decision process.
Of course there is some sort of force. A decision is made and then,
instead of discussing it over and over again, it is forced upon the
people that didn't agree. I would prefer that everyone agreed but it
looks as if a few people are completely stuck on their choice. I'm
feeling sad about this and takes a good amount of fun out of doing
this release.


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