Sorry for the f'up to my own mail, but to avoid getting pushed into the
troll corner I'd like to add this:

The reason I am so insisting is that you continously misrepresent what
people say, and the current climax is that you totally ignore that the
overwhelming majority of people here said they dislike 2.0.

If you stood up and publicly said something like: "yes, the majority here
is against it, but I, the Sven who does by far most of the coding work"
(might include Mitch, too, since you are his voice here) "just overrule
everybody else and force out 2.0 against the will of the majority, because
I can and will do it", then that would be fine with me. Really. But you
don't do this, and this is frightening to me.

I don't oppose dictatorship on your side (I don't have reason nor the
right to complain, too!), but I extremely dislike dishonesty. So if you
are forcing this issue, please at least *acknowledge* it and don't try to
misrepresent the issue in your favour.

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