Michael Schumacher writes:
 > Building with MinGW is a bit more complicated - the packages of
 > libiconv and libintl that are linked from
 > http://www.gimp.org/~tml/gimp/win32/downloads.html don't include
 > import libriaries to be used with libtool. All my tries to create
 > them with pexports and dlltool didn't produce working libs.

(Note to those who don't know: Perhaps a bit surprisingly, Win32
binaries for libiconv and gettext are distributed from FSF's ftp
site. Even more surprising, they are build with MSVC, and only MS
format import libraries are supplied.)

Umm, sorry, I don't remember how I produced import libraries for
those... Hmm, I do write on the downloads page that I used pexports
and dlltool, so presumably I did, but I don't remember the
details. Anyway, libiconv and libintl both export just a handful of
functions, so just extract the list of exported functions with objdump
or whatever, edit it into a .def file, and produce the import library
with dlltool?

 > Maybe one of the GIMP&GTK/Win32 gods can enlighten a mere mortal on the 
 > modifications that need to be done to build GIMP with MinGW?

Well, I think you summarized it quite nicely. One shouldn't expect to
necessarily be able to say "./configure; make install", but by doing
it step by step in each subdirectory, it shouldn't be that hard. I use
automake 1.7, autoconf 2.54 and libtool 1.5 with no personal


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