On 10 Aug 2003 at 19:00, Tor Lillqvist wrote:

> Michael Schumacher writes:
>  > Building with MinGW is a bit more complicated - the packages of
>  > libiconv and libintl that are linked from
>  > http://www.gimp.org/~tml/gimp/win32/downloads.html don't include
>  > import libriaries to be used with libtool. All my tries to create
>  > them with pexports and dlltool didn't produce working libs.
> (Note to those who don't know: Perhaps a bit surprisingly, Win32
> binaries for libiconv and gettext are distributed from FSF's ftp
> site. Even more surprising, they are build with MSVC, and only MS
> format import libraries are supplied.)
> Umm, sorry, I don't remember how I produced import libraries for
> those... Hmm, I do write on the downloads page that I used pexports
> and dlltool, so presumably I did, but I don't remember the
> details. Anyway, libiconv and libintl both export just a handful of
> functions, so just extract the list of exported functions with objdump
> or whatever, edit it into a .def file, and produce the import library
> with dlltool?

The result of make after creating the libintl.a & libiconv.a files:

Creating library file: .libs/libgimpui-1.3.dll.a
.libs/gimpui.o(.text+0x159):gimpui.c: undefined reference to `gimp_min_colors'
.libs/gimpui.o(.text+0x170):gimpui.c: undefined reference to 
.libs/gimpui.o(.text+0x1a4):gimpui.c: undefined reference to `gimp_gamma'

and many more undefined references to 'gimp_...'.

Would you mind sharing your libiconv.a and libintl.a - and the corresponding 
.def files? Maybe it can be figured out how you created them.
>  > Maybe one of the GIMP&GTK/Win32 gods can enlighten a mere mortal on the >
>  modifications that need to be done to build GIMP with MinGW?
> Well, I think you summarized it quite nicely. One shouldn't expect to
> necessarily be able to say "./configure; make install", but by doing
> it step by step in each subdirectory, it shouldn't be that hard. I use
> automake 1.7, autoconf 2.54 and libtool 1.5 with no personal
> modifications. 

You mentioned that libintl.h has to be modified - is this just a #define or 
something else?

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