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As was discussed at Gimp Con 2003 (and before, frankly) I am in the
process of incorporating "The GIMP Foundation" as a non-profit
organization devoted to supporting the gimp.

As this point, nothing (including the name) is set in stone.  I have a
legal clinic doing some research to help inform me about how to form the
corporation and my (and its) legal responsibilities.  This service is
free, but limited.  I will need to seek the advice of some other
attorney (of which I have a list of about two potentially helpful
lawyers) to anything TGF needs in the future.

What I am working on, though, is what to do with TGF.  What I want from
everyone else is two things: ideas about what to do with TGF and
questions anyone may have about TGF.  I want make sure that these things
have time get discussed with the lawyer and to try to help keep our
community more informed of these matters.

So please, if anyone has any questions about how TGF will work and what
you would like to see it do, send them to me.  I will work on providing

Here are some of the ideas I am currently mulling over regarding TGF:

Selling t-shirts, coffee cups, lapel pins, posters, etc.
Selling printed manuals.
Selling GPL complient binary and source disributions on cd.
Selling and paying people to go train and give presentations on the GIMP.
Public and private grants.  (someone (like me) will need to apply for these)
Tax deductable donations.
buying hardware (computers, tablets, scanners, colorimeters).
full color magazine ads
free training sessions
office space
legal expenses
paying programmers, web designers, tech writers
constructing a build farm (this would help both developers and in making
a cd distribution).

Also, if anyone would like to me more directly involved with TGF, just email me at [EMAIL PROTECTED] and let me know how. I am sure we can find a role you'd be happy with.

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PS.  TGF will need a webpage.
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