Daniel Rogers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> As was discussed at Gimp Con 2003 (and before, frankly) I am in the
> process of incorporating "The GIMP Foundation" as a non-profit
> organization devoted to supporting the gimp.

Thanks a lot for organizing this.

> Here are some of the ideas I am currently mulling over regarding TGF:
> Selling t-shirts, coffee cups, lapel pins, posters, etc.
> Selling printed manuals.
> Selling GPL complient binary and source disributions on cd.
> Selling and paying people to go train and give presentations on the GIMP.
> Public and private grants.  (someone (like me) will need to apply for these)
> Tax deductable donations.
> buying hardware (computers, tablets, scanners, colorimeters).
> full color magazine ads
> free training sessions
> office space
> accounting
> legal expenses
> staff
> paying programmers, web designers, tech writers
> constructing a build farm (this would help both developers and in making
> a cd distribution).

This sounds a lot more like an attempt to bring WilberWorks back to
life than what I was imaging from such a foundation. IMO it should be
a lot less commercially oriented but maybe I am only getting a wrong
impression from looking at this list. I don't think a GIMP foundation
should share any interests with companies like for example MacGIMP.
IMO a foundation should not sell anything. It should serve as a
representant of the GIMP developers and it may accept donations
(actually that's one of the major points). It should also help to
create contacts between the GIMP community and people that seek for
advice or need speakers.  But IMHO there should be no t-shirts, no
printed manuals, no CDs and most importanyly no ads. If someone wants
to do this kind of stuff, feel free to found a company and try your

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