Daniel Rogers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Sven Neumann wrote:
> > This sounds a lot more like an attempt to bring WilberWorks
> Wilber what?  I plead ignorant.

Oh well, one should really run one's own internet archive. The website
seems bought off and of course not much is left to be found on google
and friends. This is the best link I could find:


Let's hope one of the folks involved into this can tell us more about
the goals of WilberWorks and why it didn't work (that well). Perhaps
there are things we can learn from it...

> And donations would be one of its major points.  However having a
> reliable source of money, like manual and chachka sales can only
> help TGF be more helpful.  Basically, _anything_ TGF does will cost
> money.  The more money it has, the more helpful things it can do.

If you put it that way (with all the other things you said in your
reply) it feels a lot better already.

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