On 24 Nov 2003 17:04:37 +0100, Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> The toolbox is the first window that opens and the last that closes.

Yes, I mentioned this in my message ("the code of the GIMP must have
at least one window to start with").  But this is not something that
most users should care about, IMHO.

> It is even raised when the last image window is closed. It is treated
> special when you hit Tab. All this makes it the leader window of the
> GIMP application.

But could you explain to a newbie _why_ this is like that?  Is there a
reason why only that window (which includes a dock) is raised when the
last image window is closed and why this one is treated differently
when you press Tab?  Why don't we do the same thing for all docks?

The only reasons that I can think of are historical, so this is not
very good from a (new) user's point of view.

> It is a very special window and IMO there's no
> reason for this to change.

The consistency of the user interface would be a good reason, IMHO.

> > As I wrote in bug #115092, I don't think that any user would be
> > surprised if we allowed the menu and the tool buttons to be dragged
> > from the toolbox to any other dock.  In fact, it would be nice to add
> > this feature to a future release. 
> You can already add a tools list/grid to whatever dock you like.

But this list or grid of tools does not behave like the one in the
toolbox, unfortunately.  The grid view does not behave as set of
buttons (different background color, no highlighting on mouse-over)
and it is not possible to drag & drop images (as mentioned in Dave's
message).  It would be nice to replace the main tools area in the
toolbox by a grid view of the tools if these differences could be
fixed.  But then there would be even less reasons to treat the toolbox
differently from all other docks.

If the menu could also be removed or dragged to another dock, then
the last difference between the toolbox and the other docks would go
away.  Or did I miss something important?

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