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> "Adam D. Moss" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Out of interest, what's wrong with mingw's toolchain?  I
> > never have tried (and never will!) to build GIMP with it, but
> > it generally copes adequately with the mildly-unix-centric
> > codebases I throw at it.
> I might be wrong since I don't compile on Win32, so perhaps I'm
> confusing things here. But as far as I can remember the mingw compiler
> needs it's own set of makefiles. There used to be such makefiles in
> the GIMP tree but after being unmaintained for a looong time, they
> have finally been removed.

Sven, stop spreading FUD ;)
Cygwin and MinGW are the tools of choice on Win32 for compiling GIMP. 

There were separate makefiles for Microsofts Visual C, but building with
Cygwin's or MinGW's tools (make, gcc, ld, libtool, ...) isn't supposed to be
different from building with the same tools on Unix systems. There may be
limitations or bugs, but everything else is the same.


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