David Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> The API changes are, in short, additions to the API which can be 
> checked in very soon after the 2.0 release, or even before it if 
> they're trivial enough. Since none of these will break existing
> scripts or plug-ins, I don't think that they could cause any
> problems.

Sorry, but *no* API changes can and will be made during the stable
series. An exception would be severe problems with the API that make
an API change unavoidable. Additions to the API mean new functionality
and can only go into the HEAD branch leading to GIMP-2.2.
> The text tool is, I think, good enough to be in a stable release.

Sorry, but it isn't. At least undo needs to work correctly and must
not crash the application. I will continue to work on the text tool
when Blinkenlights Reloaded is up and running.

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