Hi all,

I don't have as much time as I'd hoped, so this is a quick report
before bedtime.

The 1.3 series is nearly at an end. If all goes well, we will
have a 2.0 pre-release before Christmas, probably the end of the
weekend or Monday.

There are a number of issues still sitting on the 1.3 milestone,
including some text tool improvements, the website migration, and
a couple of small API changes. Nomis, who is working on the About
dialog for 2.0, agrees that it's not a blocker for a pre-release,
and in addition he won't have time to finish it until he
celebrates the new year with his laptop :) 

The API changes are, in short, additions to the API which can be 
checked in very soon after the 2.0 release, or even before it if 
they're trivial enough. Since none of these will break existing
scripts or plug-ins, I don't think that they could cause any

The text tool is, I think, good enough to be in a stable release.
Sven had hoped to find the time to update it a little and add
more of the features we would all like it to have, but as the
ChangeLog shows, he has been very busy stabilising the tree, and
fixing a large number of bugs which needed fixing before a stable
release. These features will get scheduled for somewhere in the
next few months, all going well.

So there we have it. Barring a couple of small issues, we are
ready for a pre-release. And given the current stability of the
GIMP, I think that 2 or perhaps 3 pre-releases, with 2.0 before
the end of January, is a realistic goal. That will lead us on to
2.2, and that's another thing we need to talk about.

For the moment, the list of bugs on the 2.0 milestone has a
number of bugs that should be fixed before we go 2.0. Many of
these, though, can be fixed later on. The priority now, I think,
is to get people using this piece of software we've built. Let
out the GIMP!


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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