David Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > Sorry, but *no* API changes can and will be made during the stable
> > series. An exception would be severe problems with the API that make
> > an API change unavoidable. Additions to the API mean new functionality
> > and can only go into the HEAD branch leading to GIMP-2.2.
> That seems a bit strict to me for some things which will
> essentially be small local changes, but I guess we have different
> philosophies on this. In any case, "very soon after the 2.0
> release" could also mean "after we branch off a 2.0 maintenance
> branch".

Too strict? You must be kidding. An API that changes between releases
in the stable branch will never be used by anyone. The guarantee of a
fixed API is the whole point of having a series of stable release. If
we want to violate this principle, we don't need to aim for a series
of stable releases at all.

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