Sven Neumann said:
> I am in favor of doing 1.3.24 today or tomorrow. Doing a 2.0-pre
> release will not only mean closing the remaining bugs but it also
> involves a couple of file moves in the CVS tree (files that have the
> 1.3 version number in their names). At the moment I'm quite busy with
> christmas, Blinkenlights Reloaded and preparation of 20C3. I would
> manage to do 1.3.24 release but I'm not sure if a 2.0-pre release
> would fit into the schedule.

Of the 1.3 bugs remaining, I think the grey point for the levels tool should be 
added. Unfortunately, I have no access to a gimp source tree until the 4th of 
January, so I won't be able to do this. I think that doing the necessary with 
what Maurits did is also a prerequisite, that requires someone to generate a 
patch, and then move some stuff about.

Apart from that, I'm happy to have 2.0 pre1 as we are. I would agree to have a 
1.3.24 now (or tomorrow), and have 2.0pre1 after the holidays, when these last 
2 things are handled. That will also give you guys a chance to do some hacking 
at the CCC ;-)

Anyway, happy Christmas everyone, and here's to 2004.


Dave Neary
Lyon, France
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