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> 2. I customised the purposed StructureOfTheDocumentation[1] a bit.  It
>   should now be implementable by the doc writers. The main thing is,
>   that the depth is on section 3 at maximum (see the table on the "top"
>   of the proposal). I wouldn't go any deeper
>   for readability reasons.  The changes are documented  on the WIKI, so
>   have a look at it. There is additionally an example of a document.
>   Feel free to add your ideas to this example document. 
I made some changes :

# Using GIMP :: 3. Image Window :: 2. Menus 
Julien and me we think that here it should be only an introduction about
'how to use the image window' and not a full list documented about all
the stuff in the image window menu, this because the Title chapter is
Using Gimp.
The place where I see the details for image window menu is # Dialogs
(could be then renamed Dialogs & menus) :: Menus :: Image window.

# Dialogs :: 3. Gradients was an error it's 2. The Dialogs :: 14.

# Dialogs :: Preferences , forgotten ??
I add this dialog

and some comments :

# Toolbox :: 2. Tools :: 4. Color Tools, tools but not in the Toolbox.

# Dialogs :: 1. Tool Options what do you write here ? it's already
described for each tool in the toolbox.


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