On Fri, Jan 09, 2004 at 10:06:50PM +0100, raymond ostertag wrote:
> Le lun 05/01/2004 ?? 00:49, Roman Joost a ??crit :
> > 1. The problem, that the whole content is mixed up after the generation
> >   is now fixed. The problem was, that only the dtd in gimp.xml was wrong.
> >   It seems, that this was my fault and i'm sorry for that. I had a bit of
> >   time to add some german content and make some corrections, during the
> >   little meeting with Sven and Simon in Berlin. Unfortunately, i couldn't
> >   motivate Sven to finish the "install" target ...
> >
> What is the statut now ? Since christmas I only have a few html files
> with only "xinclude" in it. It's always possible to work with the old
> framework but I'd prefer work with the new one with the "TO BE WRITTEN"
> texts.
A new cvs update should bring you all the changes. I hope, that the
anonymous gnome cvs servers are now in sync with the other ones ... If
not, drop me an e-mail and i'll send a tarball to you and Julien. The
gimp.xml xincludes now the xml files and the entities are gone. There is
additionally a tools.xml in the toolbox directory, which xincludes the
tools. Have a look at gimp.xml and tools.xml.

> I don't find in the CVS the doc I written myself : rewritten Path tool,
> Dialog layer ? Do I have to resent them to you or not ?
Well i know this shouldn't happen, but it has been overlooked by me.
Sorry for that. I merged it into the path xml file and comitted it to
the cvs. Thanks for your work!

Roman Joost
www: http://www.romanofski.de

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