Hope everone of you had a merry chrismas and a happy new year. I want to
summarize some news about some latest changes.

1. The problem, that the whole content is mixed up after the generation
  is now fixed. The problem was, that only the dtd in gimp.xml was wrong.
  It seems, that this was my fault and i'm sorry for that. I had a bit of
  time to add some german content and make some corrections, during the
  little meeting with Sven and Simon in Berlin. Unfortunately, i couldn't
  motivate Sven to finish the "install" target ...

2. I customised the purposed StructureOfTheDocumentation[1] a bit.  It
  should now be implementable by the doc writers. The main thing is,
  that the depth is on section 3 at maximum (see the table on the "top"
  of the proposal). I wouldn't go any deeper
  for readability reasons.  The changes are documented  on the WIKI, so
  have a look at it. There is additionally an example of a document.
  Feel free to add your ideas to this example document. 

3. I made the corresponding changes to the toolbox XML files and the
stylesheets and added three new options: 
  a) The processor includes the titles up to section3.
  b) The processor chunks the documents up to section3 (Before, all the
  tools are displayed on one HTML page)
  c) The processor indents the HTML code and it should be now readable
  (okey - i want to have that nifty feature ;)

The remaining problem is, that the processor didn't chunk the selection
tools very well. They're the only one, which are displayed on a single
HTML page. 

4. There are some points i want to consider. The screenshots and images
we made should be generic as much as possible.
  a) Screenshots should be made with the standard GNOME theme and a
  generic font (like Bitstream Sans).

  b) If we make some compositing images, we should provide the source
  file. The others should be able to make the same image with translated
  text from it. Julien and Raymond made some cool diagrams in SVG.
  Unfortunately i can not translate them, without discarding the font

5. I added some todos on my last mail (18. Dec). The todos are about not
  yet written content and to add documents for the existing help ids.
  Daniel pointed to a very cool book (thanks for that) with some
  XInclude tricks. We've to create at least the docs for the help-ids,
  as far as i know now. The only idea i have is: we can create a "big"
  document with all the plugin names and information, which is of course
  not yet written and include each section into the document. 

6. The problem of the broken links, which are linking to glossary
  entries. I read a bit further in the book and found out, that <link>
  can only link to ids in the current document. The author points to
  "olinks" and creating an external database file for crossreferences
  between documents. I'll try this out, but it looks really scary ...

Well, my best wishes for 2004!

[1] -  http://wiki.gimp.org/gimp/StructureOfTheDocumentation

Roman Joost
www: http://www.romanofski.de

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