On Jan 10, 2004, at 1:45 pm, David Neary wrote:

I hope these kinds of comments aren't out of place. I have
noticed that commits to gimp-help-2 are fairly infrequent, and
tend to affect lots of files. It is better all round if there are
more frequent commits, each one making a distinct change. This
also gives people an interest to do frequent cvs updates (which
is essential if you want to get patches that apply without
conflicts from people).

Actually it happens quite frequently with documentation that one figures out how to do something in better ways or that markup was abused and then spread over several files. Those kind of changes are best done all at once because it prevents files from diverging and to ensure consistency throughout the project.

IMHO your given rule of a thumb is not completely correct because the
granule of a commit should not be the smallest possible change in a
single file but the smallest possible changeset covering all files
needed to be touched for a logical step. I however totally agree with
you that only one logical step should be taken at one time at
committed separately from other changes. Unfortunately with CVS that
requires a lot of discipline because it doesn't support the notion
of a changeset and creating and working with a branch is really
overkill in most cases.


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