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Roman Joost wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 09, 2004 at 10:06:50PM +0100, raymond ostertag wrote:
> > What is the statut now ? Since christmas I only have a few html files
> > with only "xinclude" in it.
> A new cvs update should bring you all the changes. I hope, that the
> anonymous gnome cvs servers are now in sync with the other ones ...

Just a quick note on CVS best practices.

For fairly obvious reasons (disk crashes, accidental rms, etc) it
is desirable to have as small a difference as possible between
your local CVS copy and the repository. You should never really
have any more than 1 or 2 outstanding things to commit locally. 

In general, if you have something you don't want to put into CVS
(or can't), create a patch file, attach it to a bug report, and 
then revert the change locally bringing you back to the base state. 
Once the patch is stored centrally, you can always get it back

If you're doing something which would get in the way of other
people, then your choices are to develop it on a branch (doing
regular merges from the head), or to set up a local repository
for your development, again merging regularly from the main CVS.
That way, you have your own stuff versioned too (preferably
backed up off-disk). 

I hope these kinds of comments aren't out of place. I have
noticed that commits to gimp-help-2 are fairly infrequent, and
tend to affect lots of files. It is better all round if there are
more frequent commits, each one making a distinct change. This
also gives people an interest to do frequent cvs updates (which
is essential if you want to get patches that apply without
conflicts from people).


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France

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