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> > BTW: In OSX gtk 2 has really sucky rendering performance compared
> > to gtk 1.
> The same is true for gtk+ on other X11 platforms (but it's usually
> bearable, but very noticable). The biggest offender is font drawing:
> Xft is a rather slow design already and the (very good!) i18n
> features of gtk+2 seem to cost even further cycles.
> It helps to a) avoid antialiasing (small effect) b) use x fonts (big
> effect).

If fonts are rendered using XRender, font rendering shouldn't be a
major problem. But I don't have any numbers to base this on.

> There might be other slowdowns, but I think fonts and themes are the
> predominant offenders that make gtk+2 so slow.

I think what's slowing gtk+2 down is the back-buffering on the client
side. Every expose event causes a pixmap to be allocated. Drawing
operations are then redirected to that pixmap and finally the pixmap
is blitted to the screen. This makes the display flicker-free but
can bring down performance quite badly.

Another slowness is the treeview. There's a major speedup possible by
fixing the row heights and Wwe could do this for The GIMP but it will
need GTK+-2.4.

There's also some possible optimizations in our preview code. At the
moment we sometimes convert a GdkPixbuf to a TempBuf when we could
render the pixbuf directly. Perhaps we can improve this for GIMP-2.2
but I doubt that it will make a noticeable difference.

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