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>On Feb 5, 2004, at 10:35 pm, <[EMAIL PROTECTED] ( Marc) (A.) (Lehmann )>
>> It helps to a) avoid antialiasing (small effect) b) use x fonts (big
>> effect).
>Thanks for this tip. I'll try installing some high quality X fonts
>(which is sort of an Oxymoron but anyway). The interesting thing
>is, my Linux notebook is running exactly the same truetype fonts
>which I extracted from Mac OS X 10.2 some time ago.

I haven't played with OS X enough to know, but does its X server support
the Render extension?  If not, that's probably why GTK+ 2 is slower.

Also, support for X fonts in pango has been dropped, so in
the not-too-distant future Marc's suggestion isn't going to be an option.

Owen explained it very well here

>The net result is not only that gnumeric is hardly fast enough to be
>usable but also that many GTK2 applications really feel slow and the
>perceived speed is especially important for daily use.

I've noticed this too, using an X server on a commercial UNIX platform.
Owen has talked about performance improvements for non-Render platforms,
and I'm certainly hoping they become a reality in the next year.

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