On Monday 29 March 2004 07:21, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,

Hm,, I talk that much about postscript, because I have learned it, as it is
supposed to be "human writable". PDF however is a neat subset, and although I
know little of it, I suppose I could handle PDF saving with ADOBE docs - that
is all of the bellow could be done for both PS and PDF.

In the meantime, however, we will need the PDB API's for both vector and Text
layers, I think them I should address these first.

I will browse through the text-core today, to start to get a feeling of how
 it works.
My idea of saving text as curves would be:
   - having implemented a "save vectors to postscript curves" (which I had
done in python-fu for gimp 1.2), create a "vector from text" thouhgh the PDB,
and them use this vector to save as postscript curves, filling with the text
layer's color (which also need to come from the PDB API)

Such a plug-in would need to know if a text-layer had been modified after it
was stroke. Is there a flag for it already on the core? I understand that if
there was no prevision for it, it may be hard to implement.

/me switches to the GIMP, creates text layer, paints on it, and tries to edit
the text, thus  answering his own question.

Good, it is there. We will need a PDB proc. for that too.

You made no comments on the vector layers api, do you think they are feasible
into 2.2?

> "Joao S. O. Bueno" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > I have also one other improvement I think I could work on, and this
> > would be great, so I might even postpone the above PDB stuff:
> > Postscript saving plug-in.
> >
> > Actually, I have a similar list of things I believe I can implement in
> > it, more or less in this order:
> >     - Add a "save one layer per page" option, with metadata on postscript
> > comments to allow reloading without loosing layer Info.
> >     - Add a rough (or maybe full) transparency support for postscript
> > saving
> >     - Allow to save vectors as postscript paths, along with meta data to
> > get them back on GIMP
> >     - Allow to save GIMP unstransformed text layers as postscript stroken
> > paths - this could allow a 150dpi  image with text on it to get
> > press-ready, without great loss of information,as text would be
> > vectorial.
> >     -  Add color correction to PS save.
> I had a similar idea but I think that PDF output would probably be
> more useful. For the text layer part if may even be easier because you
> could use PangoPDF. But then this is a rather large task and it
> depends on the vectors and text PDB API. Actually it goes even further.
> Your plug-in would want to query the text and vector objects in the
> core and at the moment there's no way to do that and not even a
> proposal how such an API could look like. On the other hand, such a
> plug-in would be very useful and the PDB APIs that it needs might pave
> the way for lots of other neat things. Lately I've been asked to help
> with a plug-in that would allow to create avg description files (see
> http://www.libavg.de/) from within GIMP and such a plug-in would also
> need access to the text layer properties.
> Sven

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