> Since you're planning multiple tests, you may consider running a 
> first test that is not very task driven, and in which the (few) tasks 
> are relatively broad. The results from that test could then serve as 
> the basis for the next test(s).

Actually, the first test serves as a basis for an article for the German
LinuxUser magazine. My colleagues and I have a monthly article on
usability issues, and next month's issue should be the Gimp 2.0. Apart
from general improvements such as viusal feedback etc, we want to
provide some tips how to handle difficult tasks (which means we have to
find out which tasks are difficult!). That's why the test has to be a
bit more specific.

Other issues, such as the toolbar problem mentioned by Jakub Steiner
will be handled in the following tests. Please keep on making proposals,
I'll note them and come back on you! 

> What kind of users will you be working with? How familiar are they 
> with the testing platform? How familiar with photography? How 
> familiar with digital imaging?

For the first test, we'll test two types of people (as it should serve
only as a basis for the article, we will test four persons only): 2
people who know photoshop very well and/or work with it every day, and 2
people who have little or no experience with digital imaging. 

> One of the Cinepaint developers once had a user write down his 
> suggestions for improvement. These could perhaps also serve as a 
> starting point for an exploration of the sort of problems a GIMP user 
> might run into. I don't seem to be able to find a link to that 
> discussion, though.

If you find it, please send it to me. Currently, some KDE developers and
my company are setting up a platform called openusability.org. It is
thought to become a platform where open source projects (not KDE
specific!) and usability experts should come together. If you are
interested, we would like to welcome the Gimp project as one of the
pilot projects. Apart from a forum, openusability.org will offer an
opportunity to manage usability processes, provide space to file
usability test reports (like the one you described above) and other
informational resources, and discuss them.

have a nice day


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