a week has gone by since GIMP 2.0.1 was released and the CVS tree was
branched. Quite a few has happened since then and for all of you that
aren't following development that closely, here's a short summary...

- The version number has been changed to 2.1.0. We plan to have the
  gimp-2.2 plug-in API completely backward compatible to gimp-2.0.
  Nevertheless most versions have been bumped to 2.1 for now. This is
  to avoid confusion when both the gimp-2.0 and the development branch
  are installed. It does _not_ mean that you can install gimp-2.0 and
  gimp-2.1 into the same prefix. The two installations are _not_
  disjunct, you need to keep them in separate prefixes!

  When we approch gimp-2.2, we will probably change most version
  numbers back to the GIMP API version which is 2.0.

- The development branch now depends on glib >= 2.4.0, pango >= 1.4.0
  and gtk+ >= 2.4.0. Whether to do this change now has been discussed
  on #gimp and we agreed that waiting doesn't make any sense, so we
  decided to do this change right now. This will give us more time to
  build on the possibilities opened by the gtk+-2.4 API provides.

- The filechooser patch landed in CVS. This dialog will probably need
  some more work but it's now there for you to play with.

- Mitch is busy porting the menus to GtkUIManager and he has come a
  long way already. The new system is going to be ready very soon now.

- I've been working on providing a framework to migrate from the
  deprecated GtkOptionMenu to GtkComboBox. The gimp_option_menu and
  gimp_int_option_menu APIs have been deprecated and (almost) all code
  has been ported to GimpIntCombobBox and GimpEnumComboBox. I've also
  added code that provides an alternative API to libgimp/gimpmenu.h.
  Not all plug-ins have been ported to this new API yet. But as soon
  as this task is finished, gimp_[image|layer|channel|drawable]_menu()
  will be deprecated.

  Please note that deprecated does not mean that the functions are
  removed. The GIMP 2.2 plug-in API will be backward-compatible, so
  the deprecated API will stay. Similar to Glib and GTK+, you can
  define GIMP_DISABLE_DEPRECATED to have the compiler warn you when
  deprecated functions are being used.

- The AlienMap plug-in has been removed (see bug #140079).

- The GIcon plug-in has been removed (see bug #139160).

- A plug-in to load and save windows icon files has been added.

Please bear with me if I forgot something...

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