On 04/27/04 09:25, Juhana Sadeharju wrote:

 -Crop rectangle can be resized only from two corner points;
  in a large image with zoom-in, only what may be visible is the edge
  of the crop rectangle, but the edge cannot be grabbed and dragged
  (which would desirable); likewise, only the move-corner may be
  visible and thus the rectangle cannot be resized

Would it be possible to solve this issue by placing "transient corners" on the image? By this I mean: leave the four corners as-is, but if the visible image does not contain two corners (one of which is move, the other must be resize) to place "transient" or "psudo-corner" grippies on the extremes on the visible crop selection?

IE: you've zoomed in on a portion of the selection so that the only thing visible is the vertical selection bar, no corners. A grippie appears at the top of the visible screen as though there were a corner grippie that allows horizontal resizing. A similar grippie appears at the bottom allowing horizontal moving. Similar but complimentary for verticals. Would this be hard to implement?

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